Gezond aan Zee

Multidisciplinary center for health, nutrition and sport

Gezond Aan Zee is taking a holistic approach to injuries, rehabilitation, fitness and health. By combining several disciplines under one roof we can tackle issues from several perspectives, and cater to the full range of needs of our clients.


Physiotherapy at Gezond Aan Zee offers you the chance to get more out of life through exercise. Our experienced physiotherapists Guus Broekman en Arjan Mulder can provide you with treatments catered specifically to you, your body and your issues. We have a comprehensive physiotherapy service including treatments for persistent injuries, acute problems, maximizing your training regime and all aspects of rehabilitation (from injuries, illness, operations etc.)

Coaching and training

Our holistic approach to health and fitness means that we are equipped to help you achieve your best in all aspects of health, lifestyle and sport. Coach and trainer Ruurd Mosterd offers one on one guidance to help you reach your physical and mental goals.

Nutritional guidance

Judith Schelling is our resident dietician and nutritionist who can assist you with all issues around diet and nutrition, including general diet and nutritional questions and more specific issues such as dealing with allergies and sports nutrition.

Sport psychology

Sport psychology specializes in creating and implementing individual mental training programs. They assist and guide top athletes to help them tackle sports related mental issues such as dealing with: pressure, critique, stress, setbacks and maximizing and maintaining mental strength in tough situations.

We believe Gezond Aan Zee offers a truly comprehensive and holistically focused practice catering to all age groups and aspects of injuries, fitness, rehabilitation, health and much more. If you’d like to know more about any aspect of Gezond Aan Zee please don’t hesitate to call or pop in for a chat.